Thursday, March 1, 2007


Two nights ago I spent 7 HOURS trying to wind a skein into a center-pull ball to start on the Jaywalkers. It was a huge tangled mess; when I finally got to the end there was a really small tangle that I ended up just cutting and making two balls of. Finally, I could start my socks. I've really been needing to do some nice, painfree socks lately. So I've been knitting along happily for the last 2 days. This picture shows my progress:

Well. On a whim I tried it on last night. I couldn't get the damn thing over my heel! I even made the larger of the two sizes and my gauge is only a half stitch off. It's really hard to get the gauge with the zigzag pattern, but it really can't be that far off. I did some calculations and if I were to add another repeat (21 sts) that would give me about an extra inch of circumference. But I'm sitting here wondering if that's what I want. Shouldn't I be able to stretch the yarn over my heel!? Is it that the yarn doesn't stretch enough or perhaps that the pattern doesn't allow for as much stretch? Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!


Jo said...

Hi there, I knitted the larger size for my Jaywalkers (finished in Jan) they just fit over my foot but the zigzag pattern doesn't have much stretch to it, you can size your pattern up 8 stitches at a time by turning the pattern into a 23 stitch repeat or by 16 stitches if you need more, hope this helps, do get in touch if you need more info...limegreenjelly at yahoo dot co dot uk

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for your advice on the socks. I'll get started on what
I'm sure will be several attempts at a correct sizing sometime this

I tried to email you at the address you provided but the message was returned.

Jo said...

that's weird that my e-mail doesn't work, anyhow hope you get the sock sorted, I really like the colours of that yarn.

alternate e-mail is info at limegreenjelly dot com

Lori said...

I have had the same trouble with Jaywalkers. I have tried a couple of different yarns and different needle sizes and also adding repeats. I will be trying one more pair in some Vesper I purchased and if doesn't work that time, I will give up. So don't feel alone!

Oriri said...

I've seen several pairs of these socks on various blogs - I don't have the courage to try them out yet! Kudos to you for giving them a shot and for posting pictures!