Friday, March 16, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Not much to blog about since the post last night. I knit another inch of the cardigan and a couple more rows of the shawl. I realized that if I didn't get going on the next chart of the shawl I would get something similar to second sock fever. Speaking of socks, tonight I plan to work on my Jaywalkers while Michael and I drive a friend to the airport and then while we are out hanging with some friends.

So, for Eye Candy all I have to offer you is some pictures of Fez being Fez.


Mindy said...

The picture of Fez leaning against the wall just cracks me up. I love when cats do something so silly but look so bored with everything.

jan said...

Hello :) I saw your comment on January 1 and decided to visit your blog. Lilac is my favourite flower and my favourite colour...and yes I'm from Canada...Toronto.

Fez looks so cute leaning up against the wall like that. It looks like he's making use of the last little bit of sun for the day, or reaching for it as it's coming around. I love how cats seem to look like little ballerinas with the contortions they can get into and also with their little pointy feet.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jan, thanks for your comment but I can't find your blog again! I probably was just randomly going through the blog rings that I am a part of and came across your blog. In fact, it might be a part of my blog reading list but I can't find a way to link it with you! So, if you come back and read this after-post could please send a link to your blog? THANK YOU!

jan said...

Hi Jennifer :)

I don't have a blog..sorry for making you search. My e-mail addy is