Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just a little progress

I've really been working hard on my shawl and cardigan. Not a whole lot to show in the way of pictures, but both are coming along beautifully!

Once I got the shawl going (I cheated with the cast on!) it just kept going and going. Now, when I say I cheated I mean that instead of knitting in the round with 4 dpns, I only used three. I split the stitches in half on two needles and knit off of them for a few rounds before adding the fourth needle. WOW did that make it easier!
I have completed the first 51 rows of the pattern and am setting my goal for the day at completing chart A which is through row 84. I'm a little concerned that I might not make it, seeing as how every 2 rows the round increases by 9 stitches. I know that doesn't seem like much but I'm supposed to end with 387 stitches on the 84th row. I've got about 234 stitches now... that's a lot of increases!

Now, as far as the cardigan goes I've knit about 5 inches on the back piece and am now ready for the increases.
And I am fairly pleased with the even-ness of my stitches. This is a much closer picture than people would have an interest in looking at a knit garment. Sorry for the boring pictures, but the I've really got to get back to the shawl if I have any hopes of meeting my goal!

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Jo said...

Looks like you're working hard on both projects, does this put the socks on hold?