Thursday, March 15, 2007


I just finished chart A of the shawl and so I don't post yet another entry of no pictures, here is a picture of unblocked lace. As you can see, it is a slightly larger blob than the previous progress picture. Also, I wasn't too concerned about the quality of this picture because you really can't see much of the pattern anyway.
Yesterday Maria and Val and I got together to knit on our spring cardigans and I progressed about another 4 inches in the stockinette pattern of the back, almost to the arm decreases. Again, here is another boring picture of stockinette.
In slightly more interesting news, Michael and I took a walk yesterday when he got home from work and the whole experience was very surreal. We were walking down a neighborhood street near our apartment complex and saw this very small girl wandering down the middle of the street! She couldn't have been more than 5 years old! I started freaking out. Honestly, why is this tiny girl wandering around alone?! So we approached her as friendly as possible and asked her if she knew where her house was; she said 'Yes,' so we asked her if she could show us her house. She continued walking in the direction she was going, which was actually toward a very busy, non-neighborhood street. When we got to the corner we stopped the little girl and asked her if she was sure that her house was down here. She said 'No' and that her house was on the circle... or something to that nature.

The street that we were walking on was very circular so we turned around and went back the way we came. We ran into several people and asked them if they had seen her before and knew where her house might be; everyone said that she didn't look familiar. We had to walk very slowly because the poor thing wasn't wearing any shoes and had tiny legs and was walking as quickly as she could. Finally, a man asked us if she was lost and we said yes. He told us that she was his neighbor and that her father was looking for her. Turns out the father was driving this huge, bright red pick-up truck down the middle of the road. The neighbor flagged the father down and he BACKED down a good two blocks of the street going MUCH faster than he should have been on a neighborhood street. The father paused his truck just long enough for us to point down the street a little ways to the neighbor with the little girl who had wandered into a cul-de-sac. He barely acknowledged our presence.

Now I understand a terrified father isn't going to be thinking about much else when he thinks that his less-than-5 year old daughter is lost, but I would have liked some recognition. The neighbor that had talked to us just kinda laughed it off, too. The whole occurance seemed very odd. We didn't see the father driving back down the road toward his home as we continued our walk. The neighbor seemed to think that this was a normal occurance.

The whole thing just left me with a very sick feeling. Or maybe it was the migraine that was starting to come on.

I was supposed to go to Boulder yesterday to play poker with Michael but I had a raging migraine and had to stay home. I thought that it might be a good time to get some work on my shawl done, but I had such little control over the finer techniques needed to make the needles form the stitches. Eventually I happened on the theory that spinning might help my migraine. Spinning distracted me in a calm way from the migraine experiences but it did not make it go away. The action of drafting the fiber and forming yarn was something that I could manage with my very shaky hands and the continued motion of my feet and legs masked the general shakiness of my mind and body. I'll have to try spinning through a migraine again in the future!

And now I plan to work more on the cardigan while reading random blogs (this seems to be my new late night past-time).

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