Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yet another shawl update

I finished the repeats last night and have decided on where to put the beads in the border!

Since I don't have a picture of the border yet and I don't want to get into copyright problems with other people's pics, you'll have to look at the shawl on knitpicks. Just click on more images and it will be on the first page in the top right corner. If you look closely you can see where there is a YO, K, YO repeat. Rather than place the beads on that precarious K between the two YOs, I think I'll place them in the center of the K, K2, K repeat that surrounds each YO group. I'm really excited!!

Also, you might have noticed that I now have the Ravelry progress bars for my projects. I thought this might be nice because I don't always update my blog but I'll slide that progress bar along whenever I'm on Ravelry. It comes in especially handy for long lace projects, at least I can SEE that there is progress going and I'm getting near the end. :)


Oriri said...

Ooooo, I can't wait to see how it turns out! The beads looked great in the little picture you posted before, I bet it's stunning finished!

Leigh said...

Jennifer, the shawl is lovely! It will be very elegant with the beads. Looking forward to a photo of the finished project.