Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ringwood Socks

I have started some Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. These are for my mom and I'm quite enjoying the pattern. It is a fast knit because there is only one K1, P1 row but it gives a lot of bang for your buck and I could see myself knitting this pattern up for myself. The yarn is Knitpicks Essential Tweed in Flint.; it is from that grab bag of sock yarn my mom got me for Christmas.

I know I've knit with Essential before but I'm really enjoying it this time! I was wondering if there was a large difference between the tweed the the plain essential.... there is! The tweed has less superwash wool in it that is replaced with donegal.... interesting that my feet (!!) could pick up on that... The yarn is very soft but still feels substantial and like it will wear well as a pair of socks. I really want to have this pair finished by the end of January but would love it finish them up this week!

I've been conversing with Abby about buying some more of her yarn, so stay tuned for some more of that yummy stuff!

Finally, but most importantly, the bad news from this last week. When I was still living with my parents we had two dogs, one of which I (more or less) took care of so I still refer to her as 'my dog.'
She will be 7 years old on Valentine's day. My mom told me on Tuesday that she was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. On Wednesday my parents took her to the CSU canine cancer center to decide what to do. They decided to start a chemo regimen that will last for 19 weeks and the vets estimated that will give her 6 to 12 months. I plan to spend much of whatever free weekend time I have with her, and I would like to post as many pictures as I can.

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