Monday, January 28, 2008

Yarn P*rn and an FO!

Well, I finished my mom's Ringwood Hose, they come up to the calf muscle and I tried them on to make sure they'd fit :) and man oH man am I going to have to knit a pair for myself. Not only did I finish these in (more or less 5 days, including work) but these are the best fitting pair of made yet! I kinda just made up my own pattern, knitting to fit my foot.

I cast on about 50 stitches around the toe (note: this is too many and made for a very square toe) and then knit up until I was past the big toe before starting the pattern. I didn't increase in the toe at all, I didn't increase until I reached about 1.5 inches from the end of the foot and started making the gusset. I increased 5 times with 2 stitches per 2 rows (one plain knit row in between). Then I followed the recipe for my toe up heel flap. I knit up quite a ways before beginning the calf increases (I tried to somewhat follow the leg directions) and increased as the pattern is written. I only knit about 27 rows of ribbing though, the 40 that the pattern calls for seemed like it might be a bit much.

I also received my yarn from Abby:
I also got some black that I really could not photograph, but you can visit her site to see any of these! I LOVE every color and have to tame myself into knitting up that blue I got from her a while ago first. I want my own pair of Ringwood Hose and that vibrant blue would be perfect.

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Oriri said...

I really am going to try that toe-up flap one day. I'll have to get over my fear of gussets first, but I WILL do it - your socks always look so great with that heel, and I want MINE to look at that good too!

And oh my gosh, those are incredible pictures. I had such a hard time with the orange, and you just nailed it! Wow.

(I am SO glad you love all of the yarn, too! I always get so worried that you won't like them, as crazy as it might sound. And it looks like they got there dry too! Woot!)