Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wedding Shawl Update

I laid everything out and measured again and I really think that 14 repeats of the pattern should be sufficient. I don't want the thing to be too long and just get in the way of my day! I think if anything, shorter would be better and easier to manage and also draw less attention. :) SO I'm done with the 13th repeat and plan to finish the 14th tonight and then calculate how many stitches I need to be picking up for the border.

Thursday night is game night with some guy friends of Michael's so there won't be much knitting but then I'll have Friday night and some weekend time to get started on the border. I have no clue how long the border will take me or where I should put beads or if I should even put any on the border! Any advice from all you out there in the blogosphere? *puts hands to eyes and looks out at the vast beyond*

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