Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Progress..... if you want to call it that

Well, first things first. It's been raining ALL DAY!
My little seedlings love it, but they are not getting the brunt of the storm quite like the grass is.
I'm not too worried, that's the view from my second story apartment... the people below me however... They are sitting at the lowest point in the complex! And.... here come the big huge snow flakes!

I've been working on my cardigan quite diligently today.
I finished the button side of the front last night and cast on for the other side this morning, challenging myself to see how far I could get in one day. This is all I have to show.. I really think it's kind of pitiful!
And you know what could make it even worse? Maybe you could see it in the picture... What about now?
That's right the button band is on the wrong side! Oh the agony. I had even taken a small break to work on plying my variegated yarn. I finished the plying, skeined it, and set the twist all before realizing this horrible twist of fate.
I was clearly tempting the knitting goddesses when I realized that I was on the home stretch with my cardigan and thinking that I might be able to get this thing done by the end of the week. How frustrating. I think I might have to get started on some more spinning to relax me after this incident. I might also be going to a new yarn store tomorrow!

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