Thursday, April 12, 2007

General Update-iness

Ok, first things first, I'm going to explain the series of images posted a few weeks ago. You should briefly go and look at the pictures again because I think I lost them in my computer! I'll wait...

Ok, the first four pictures are a dye day that Val and I did with Stacy from Adoreknits. Her son is just the cutest!!
And her stash is just the biggest!! Holy moly! This isn't even all of it, and those big plastic bags in the back are full of fiber. Her stash is so big her son could dive into it and make yarn angels if he wanted. (He did dive, but there was a lot of fuss about this before he was able to successfully wreak havoc.)
The last pictures posted of the yarn are from when it was still drying, here are some images of the finished, skeined product.
These blue-ish skeins were my first few attempts at spinning and aren't perfect but Michael really likes the color so I'm thinking of knitting some simple socks from them.
With these red skeins I was trying to match the ones on the left to the ones on the right. The right side was stuff that was dyed and given to us during spinning class and I liked the color so I wanted to knit something from the yarn but there wasn't enough. As you can see, the colors really aren't anywhere near the same. The original yarn has some orange and brown in it while the new stuff is a deep, variegated red. I love it all. I'm thinking that I will save these to use in a hand-spun, dyed and knit afghan. I will continue to spin up un-dyed yarn and dye it various shades of red or brown and then knit up a rustic look afghan for my living room!
This stuff is a silk, merino blend that I bought off of a cone from Val and dyed that same day. As you can see it turned out a nice variegated sea-foam color! I'm going to knit a triangular shawl from Vintage knits with this gorgeous stuff.

The fifth picture is the finished back of my 3/4 sleeve cardigan. There has been some pretty good progress on that project too! What you see here is a finished sleeve and the cuff of the second sleeve. I'm probably going to need to pick up some buttons over the weekend before I can get started on the front panels. Any advice on how many buttons would be 'normal'?
The ball of mixed color merino is exactly that. I think it looks quite pretty in the picture and it's great in real life too. I'm just a little uncertain about how to spin it up! I first started by splitting off the various color segments and trying to spin them seperately to get a striping effect. That was HIDEOUS and I forgot to take a picture of it before I covered it up with some better stuff. This picture is with me just pulling off a chunk of fiber, pre-drafting it and then spinning it. It's quite difficult to picture and to see the details here but it's much better than my first attempts.
The last picture is, of course, the Yarn Harlot's most recent book. Well I've finished it by now and I must say that I loved it!! I loved her writing and the way it was presented with the interesting pictures. I also really enjoyed the 'letters' between various people that are spread throughout the book.
Now, on to some new stuff. Today is quite rainy and unfriendly. So, to cheer myself up a bit I went to Home Depot and bought some flower pots, seeds, soil, and plant food. I layed out some garbage bags and planted my seeds in the house.
In about 10 days I should start seeing some green shoots coming up through the dirt! For now I have to keep them inside because we are supposed to get even more snow and frost this weekend. BOO! Here you can see the seeds that I planted, I hope that I can actually grow the plants this summer!
Oh, and this man:
asked me to marry him!

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