Friday, April 27, 2007

Feeling Better

Today I went and picked up the pictures that Michael and I took right after we got engaged. I didn't plan it that way but the photo place was advertising a really good deal so I signed up. Here's the two poses that I picked, I think we look quite cute together! This sure perked me up a bit.
So, while I had my camera out I went ahead and took pictures of other things. The yarn that I bought.. It's a cone of linen/cotton/rayon that I bought for $11 at Shuttles as opposed to buying the yarn the pattern suggests for $90 at the store where I bought it.
To use for this pattern in the magazine that I bought...

As well as the progress that I've made since learning that I used the wrong size needles to finish the last piece of my cardigan. (You'll notice that I remembered to switch to the red needles.)
I'm REALLY hoping to finish it for real tonight or tomorrow and move on to another project. This new yarn, while strikingly similar to what I'm already working with, is teasing me by peaking out of the yarn basket where I have banished it to while I'm finishing this darned cardigan.

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dianne said...

Yes, you look GREAT together!!! Congrats!