Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cute little sprouts!

A couple of my cute little seedlings sprouted over the weekend. I took this picture of them on Monday and they haven't changed much since.
Also, I finished both sleeves for the cardigan and have started adding buttons to one of the front panels.
I think I've forgotten to mention a couple of things on this blog. I have signed up for Anne's spinning club: The Wooly Wonka Fibers Spinning Club. Every couple of months Anne sends out 4 oz. of fiber along with directions on how to spin it up and a pattern that she wrote for the project. I think the first batch of fiber will be sent out around May 15 and Anne has told us that it will be rambouillet. I'm really excited for this because there will be a few non-wool fibers and I have yet to spin up anything but wool.

Today I plan to spin up some more of that variegated merino I bought a while back. I spun some on Tuesday night and realized that I'd forgotten how meditative it really is. I'm thinking I should really make more of an effort to spin at least 2 or 3 times a week. Also, I don't want this fiber to look like some extremely variegated yarn that was poorly matched or plied. I was thinking that it won't really look good plied with any other yarn, even an undied yarn. So I've decided to try my hand at navajo plying for this. First I have to finish up a good sized bobbin and then I'll post my efforts on the new plying technique.

Since I finished my shawl my fingers have been itching to get started on a new, more challenging project (the stockinette cardigan is pretty hum drum). Jenna's lace hoodie really moved me, so I think that will be my next large project. I just have to track down the pattern. I'm pretty sure that it's only in the Rebecca magazine, issue number 32. Well issue 33 is out now so I would have to special order it from most places.

Also, I've really been craving some sock knitting but my jaywalkers are so dark and heavy.
I want to work with some more spring-y colors. I have some cute green sock weight yarn that I bought from knitpicks quite some time ago.
Also, Val knitted up some cute little summery socks by simply ommiting the cuff and she said you could knit two socks from one skein! I haven't picked out a pattern yet but I'm thinking something kinda lace-y and free... maybe from

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