Monday, May 21, 2007

Picture-less update in bullet form

  • I did, indeed, trash the white acrylic piece of crap, and had a wonderful time doing it!
  • I finished my green ankle-high socks
  • I've started a new pair of toe-up socks out of the peachier of the two skeins of tofutsies
  • I plied up around 180 yards of the variegated yarn (it's currently hanging dry with a heavy weight - I got WAY too much twist in it and realized it after it was too late)
  • I really haven't made too much progress on the shawl.... I can't exlain why. I think I was just in the need of something of the garter stitch nature (read, the new socks)
  • I finished spinning up the first half of the Wooly Fiber club fiber and have to spin up the other half before plying.
  • I received a bunch of benefit booklets and the like from my new job, I start work on June 4th and my position is officially called 'Research Scientist'!!!

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