Thursday, February 1, 2007

Plying tonight?

Tonight I have another spinning class. I'm not as excited for it as I should be. I suppose part of it is because of this damn SAD and part of it is because I'm out of wool. Val thinks that we'll be learning how to ply tonight so we won't be needing wool. Hopefully Maggie will give us some more wool, otherwise I'll have to buy some. I am getting tired of spinning up boring old clean fleece, so I might just go ahead and buy some dyed batts anyway.

I've also been thinking about spinning wheels again. Last night I made the realization that the Schacht that has spent the last week with me appears more beautiful than it did when I first brought it home. I looked through some spinning wheel suppliers again and composed a list of a few acceptable wheels.
These four are within my price range and met crude requirements of aesthetic beauty. I'm going to have to examine these wheels tonight and possibly try one or two to see if I can cross a few more off my list. The only reason I would not get the Ashford is if the orifice not being directly in the center of my body turns out to be a problem. Also, I was looking through various albums and noticed that I would like a darkly treated ashford, it would probably go with my decor better. One more thing, I don't like the way that the Lendrum slants towards the spinner, over your legs, when treadling.

I probably should not make any decisions until I'm out of this SAD slump. I'll have to keep telling myself, "NO WHEEL. Don't you buy that!"

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