Sunday, July 20, 2008

In which I start a new shawl!

I haven't been able to knit much, still. :( I've started taking some sock knitting (those bright green argyle-ish socks) with me to work. I keep it in my car and knit at any traffic jams or long lights. It helps only slightly.

But this last Saturday I received the yarn I ordered from The Colorful Sheep on Etsy.
Lately I have been CRAVING a fall-shawl. I envision myself wearing a gorgeous brown/gold shawl while spinning some luscious yarn up on the back deck one almost too-cold afternoon. (Most likely a cup of tea will be present.)

I have cast on for Irtfa'a. I love it! The pattern is so clearly written and I love working with this SOFT yarn. This will definitely be a knit to treasure through the knitting process as well as the finished product.

On a more surprising and upsetting note: Anya picked out a 100% felted wool bone from the all natural pet store. Here is the culprit:
This does not bode well for our relationship. :)

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