Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow... lost in knitting (and work)

Sorry for such a long silence! My work has starting picking up again and I'm not complaining. I sure love what I do but when I get home I'm much too tired to take pictures or think about a blog post. I'll try to summarize what I've been up to since finishing my gorgeous shawl....

WOW! I just checked to see when I finished the shawl so I could use that as a reference point to the rest of my knitting... I didn't realize I haven't posted in close to a month!

Well not much has happened on the wedding front. I had my dress fitting (it took all of 15 min or so) and the seamstress claimed that it looked as if the dress had been made for me! All we had to do was shorten it! Thank goodness for that, it puts us under the budget we had set for alterations. We also went to pick put flowers. The lady helping us was very draining... she knew a lot about flowers but not a lot about how to tell people about them. It was very hard to imagine what she was telling me when I didn't know what flowers were called by what names. We finally got it all figured out and I kept thinking about the bouquet for a few days after, "Oh wow, those are perfect" type deal.

Knitting.... I started and finished Michael's Fingerless gloves. I haven't taken any pictures yet but I'll try to take pictures of everything this weekend. Michael says he likes them but I think they are way too tight....

I've been knitting on my own Blue Nebula Ringwood Socks. I've turned the heel in both of them and am just working my way up the leg now. (no pics yet!)

I've also started a Spring sweater (or so I'm trying to tell myself) from Louisa Harding's Modern Classics. I bought some yarn.... I can't quite remember what kind.... but it was from Webs, because that really narrows it down!

I think that's a quick recap of what's been going on at my place and I'll try to keep better track of the days passing!

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