Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Projects

So you guys know that I decided to get started on a wedding shrug and a summer cardigan, but I've also decided to start another project... I know, I know, I'm dangerous without a sizeable project on the needles, when will I learn?!

Since first seeing this pattern I have been in love with it and lusting to knit my own. Now that I have the experience of knitting on the Endpaper Mitts, I feel confident enough to tackle it! It's the cover of Interweave Knits Fall 2006. In fact so many others are lusting after it that I can no longer order a back issue of the magazine! On Friday I was able to but yesterday I wasn't.... what an odd time for a 2 year old FALL issue of a magazine to sell out... Anyway, I downloaded the PDF pattern for almost as much as the entire magazine! (I checked Ravelry for sellers... no such luck). I ordered the yarn from knitpicks on Sunday but haven't received the 'shipped' email and so you guys will have to wait a week or two to see the yarns I picked! (I didn't follow the 'recipe')


stacyZ said...

I was going to tell you I have this mag if you want to borrow it! :)

Oriri said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous sweater, but it looks so complicated! I bet you can do it easy-peasy though!