Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's alive, alive!!!! That's right, I finished the shawl, cast off and blocked it last night. Now, if you've been living anywhere in the US recently you'll know that a new snow storm is moving across the mountains and plains today. If you live in Colorado you also know that yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and one of the best photo shoot days of the new year. I REALLY tried to get some lovely blocking pictures but it was late and in that nasty artificial light and NOTHING I took turned out. I'll try to get some decent pictures of it this weekend but I'm really expecting my wedding photographer to do a much better job. :)

As soon as I pushed the last pin into the carpet I went and got out my Nebula yarn, wound into yummy yarn cakes and cast on for my very own pair of Ringwood socks! Yesterday was indeed a good day.

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Oriri said...


Can't wait to see the socks next. ;)