Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No pictures

I don't really have much to show you in the way of progress on my knits.

The socks seem to have taken a back perch on the 'knitting shelf' even though they could easily be finished in a night or two! The original plan was to use up all of the trekking but since I seem to have lost interest in them, perhaps I should just cast off a bit early. I've been trying them on as I go and had a destination in mind as far as height up the calf but they might be long enough as it is... I'll have to let you know, perhaps with a picture!

I spent Sunday and Monday evening knitting up various swatches that I actually cast off, washed, and blocked!! I knit up three swatches of the Lotus blossom shawl with needle sizes 7, 8, and 9. (I think) After doing this I realized.. I really want to make the Lily of the Valley shawl with this yarn and decided to try another swatch with a larger needle size to see what would happen. I made the swatch with the 7's and decided that I thought some of the yarn overs were too big. NOW I am knitting up the Lily of the Valley shawl with 6's, am through the first repeat and really seem to like the looks! YAY!! I think it'll all work out. I did the math and if I just add one repeat at the end the end result should be pretty similar to that of the book's.

Hopefully I won't be long at work today and can take some pictures that will please all of us. :)

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